Psychotherapy in English

Psychotherapy in English refers to therapeutic sessions that are conducted in the English language, regardless of the patient’s or therapist’s native tongue. This form of therapy aims to cater to individuals who are more comfortable or can better express themselves in English. Such sessions could take place anywhere around the world, not just in English-speaking countries. The underlying principles of therapy remain the same; only the medium of communication changes.


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Psychotherapy in English – session 50 min, 210 zł – on-line, 220 zł – at location

Benefits of Therapy in the English Language

There are numerous benefits to undergoing therapy in English. Firstly, for many global expatriates, migrants, or international students, finding a therapist who speaks their native language can be challenging. English, being a global lingua franca, bridges this gap. Secondly, being treated in English can sometimes help clients distance themselves from traumatic events or emotions associated with their mother tongue. Furthermore, it provides a space for individuals to discuss issues that might be stigmatized or misunderstood in their native cultures.

When to Consider English-Language Therapy?

Considering English-language therapy can be beneficial in various scenarios. For expatriates living in non-native English countries, it can be a way to access therapeutic services without a language barrier. For individuals who have undergone traumatic experiences in their home country, expressing themselves in a second language can sometimes provide emotional distance. Also, for those who have educational or work experiences in English-speaking environments, therapy in English might feel more familiar or comfortable.